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I create spaces, experiences, environments, moments and most importantly, memories. I love the details. Every great, successful event you remember had someone behind the scenes attending to the details. I love being that person.

I pride myself in personally getting to know my clients in a way that makes planning your event fun. Building a relationship with you is my favorite part of the experience, and the most critical. It helps me individualize your event and make it a unique expression of who you are and what you value.

When I’m not creating your memories, I can be found making my own—either out on the flag football field with my husband, Patrick, or inviting a friend over for a savory, home-cooked meal.

My Philosophy

Details DO matter. And that’s why we take care of them for you. Some people are not detail-oriented, so let someone who is built that way cross your Ts and dot your Is for you. Or if you are, work with someone who understands so you can let go and enjoy your big day.

You may not be able to point them out while attending the event (in fact, it can be better when you can’t), but the little things are the intangibles that make an event run smoothly, capture and express your vision, and have guests leave saying they’ve had the time of their lives. It’s not just ensuring the textured linens coordinate with the style of the florals. It’s the flow of your event. It’s when everything is perfectly in-sync. It’s the moment when the music is right, the vibe is there, and you are experiencing all these things come together that gives me joy and satisfaction in what I do.


Devin and Alysha

Rachel was my wedding planner for my wedding this past January. She did an incredible job from beginning to end! She handled all my vendors and had the whole big day's itinerary down. I was more of a laid back bride so while she gave me the autonomy to make all the decisions myself she also helped me a ton with what would look and be best--I really valued all her input!

Overall I would highly recommend her to any other bride to be.

bride month of planner

Lauren + Jacob

Rachel was wonderful in helping to plan my wedding... She was so organized and informative, which allowed me to feel calm and prepared leading up to that day. I'm so grateful for all the time and care she put into our wedding and I would recommend her highly for anyone looking for a planner!

bride month of planning

Amanda + Michael

I knew right away we would need a day-of coordinator for the wedding. As a wedding and event planner myself, I wanted to manage all the planning, but we definitely needed someone to handle details the week-of and day-of. We learned our venue (Mountain Laurel Farm) already had a partnership with an event professional, which was a huge relief. I hoped this person was very well-organized and could handle all of my type-A-ness. After our initial meeting with Rachel Jordan, I knew we were in GREAT hands!

Rachel provided us with many support materials at our first meeting, such as a sample timeline and budget. Although I already had these items from some of my past events, I appreciated Rachel’s attention to detail to make sure we had the support we needed through the planning process. I had very specific requests when it came to the catering, set-up, timing of the day, and vendors, but Rachel helped work through all the details with ease. She was so easy to talk to throughout the process and was so quick to respond to all of my questions and concerns whether by email or phone.

At the final walk through, Rachel helped us organize all our thoughts and ideas to bring our vision to fruition. She asked all the right questions and kept us on task. She created a detailed floor plan for the ceremony and reception, and was flexible with changes leading up to the wedding.

At the wedding rehearsal and on the big day, Rachel was so attentive to me and my groom. She offered to step in to help set-up when needed. She kept us on time, while again staying flexible to changes. Rachel checked in with us periodically throughout the evening to make sure we were ready for each part of the evening. When I brought a couple concerns to her, she took care of them right away. Rachel had our champagne beautifully staged for us for our private time after the ceremony, which was a nice special touch.

Most importantly, the weather was not looking very good the week leading up to the wedding. Rachel was the only person (including my family!) that made me feel reassured about the weather and how we would manage a rain plan. I knew if it rained and we needed to make major changes to the set-up, Rachel would make sure all the details were still in place and our vision was still met.

I would highly recommend Rachel as an event planner for any social event or wedding!

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The Strange Wedding

Rachel was my wedding planner, wedding and reception coordinator, and she works so hard but makes it seem effortless. She was so diligent at making sure every detail that would matter to me and my groom was fulfilled. She works with a smile on her face and a confidence to approach any possible issue or hiccup that may occur. Everything on our special day went smoothly because of her wonderful work ethic and because of the passion she has for her work and especially for people. If I knew the whole time during my engagement that Superhero Rachel would do all that she did, I NEVER would have worried about the big day in the first place.

Rachel also planned my sisters baby shower which was a huge, beautiful success! Thanks Rachel Lyn Events!!!

Bride Month-Of Wedding Planning

Great Vendor Relations!

Rachel was a joy to work with on a recent wedding event. She is very organized and was very helpful to me getting information I needed in order to set up my wedding desert table. Loved working with her and I look forward to it again.

Vendor Wedding Planning

Southern Lights Production Launch Party

What an enjoyable process from start to finish. Rachel was a pro through and through on this event and we could not have been happier with the result she created for us!  Such an incredible party! Never would have happened without ‪Rachel Lyn Events doing such an amazing job. I wanna do it again!!!

Owner, Southern Light Productions Special Event Planning

B10 Union Opening

Rachel Lyn events planned our open house party and it was a total success. Rachel handled all the details of planning, setting up and decorating so that we could focus our time on our guests, knowing that she was the point person for any troubleshooting during the night. We loved having her around and her team stayed late to break down and clean. It was awesome and we would definitely use Rachel Lyn events again as well as recommend them to anyone.

Owner, Matix Woodworking Special Event Planning

Becky + Matt

I am so thankful for Rachel. I didn't realize how much I needed a day of coordinator until my actual wedding day! I cannot really put into words how smoothly our wedding day went. I was able to just enjoy the day and the moments and never had a second thought of what was next or the time or about any of my vendors. Our wedding day was perfect. We had so much fun and it flew by.

Rachel would come and gently tell us what was next and give us a 5 minute warning for things which was so helpful! She gave us space but always seemed to be right there when we needed her! She worked so well with all of our vendors and was really on top of everything. I trusted her with all the details and was able to fully rely on her, and she was thoroughly capable of handling everything. She did a great job of sitting down with me ahead of time and mentioning things that I hadn't even thought of or forgotten. She helped me plan out the day ahead of time and asked about the things I wanted and that were important to me- which meant so much and looking back I can see how important that was.

If you are on the fence about using Rachel as a wedding coordinator, please use her! You will not ever regret it. A lot of her work is behind the scenes but I have since been to some weddings without a coordinator and the bride and family were very stressed out trying to handle everything on their own when they should just be enjoying the day and time with family and friends. It makes me so thankful that I had Rachel that day.

She was the best and I will always be thankful for all that she did for us on that day. She helped make my wedding day perfect. Thank you so much, Rachel!

Bride Month-Of Wedding Planning